Descendants of Harmon C Vied

Generation No. 1

1. HARMON C1 VIED was born Bef. 1780 in Germany, and died Aft. 1811 in Kentucky. He married SUSANNAH Bef. 1805.

Children of HARMON VIED and SUSANNAH are: i. LAFAYETTE2 PETER. 2. ii. JOHN VIED. 3. iii. DIANNA VIED, b. Abt. 1805. 4. iv. SARA VIED, b. 06 May 1810; d. 12 August 1890, Caldwell Co., KY.

Generation No. 2



3. DIANNA2 VIED (HARMON C1) was born Abt. 1805. She married (2) JOHN C MERRICK Abt. 1836 in Sullivan Co., TN, son of JOHN MERRICK and CLARKA TADLOCK.


John C Merrick, the son of John Sr. and Clarka ( Tadlock) Merrick was born about 1808 in N.C. John Sr was born in PA. He married Clarka Tadlock in Pasquatank County, N.C August 24 1801. John C Merrick married Diana Vied in 1836 or 1837, in Sullivan Co.,TN. Diana was the daughter of Harmon C and Susanna Vied. John and Diana came to Caldwell Co., KY in the late 1830's. Census records show that all of their children were born in KY.They were GEORGE, ARENA, JOHN, JACOB, EZEKIEL, and WILLIAM. Arena married Joseph Stevens.(see James Stevens) for descendents of this couple.There is other information pertaining to the other children of John and Diana in the family records. Source: deed records of Sullivan Co., TN, marriage records and family knowledge. Submitted by: Mary S Williams




MERRICK, WM M. : Born 23 Dec 1852: male: white: born on Muddy Forks: parents John & Diana( VIED) Merrick: parents live on Muddy Forks

Child of DIANNA VIED is: 5. i. LOUISIA ANN3 PORTERFIELD?, b. 10 September 1833, Tennessee; d. 16 August 1891, Lancaster, Dallas Co., Texas-Edgewood Cem..

Children of DIANNA VIED and JOHN MERRICK are: ii. GEORGE H3 MERRICK, b. Abt. 1838. iii. ARENA E MERRICK, b. Abt. 1840.

More About ARENA E MERRICK: Fact 1: married Joseph Stevens

iv. JOHN H MERRICK, b. Abt. 1841. v. JACOB LADY MERRICK, b. Abt. 1843; m. ARENA (IRENE) HOLT, 30 November 1865, Lyon County, Kentucky.

More About JACOB LADY MERRICK: Fact 1: married Irene Holt

vi. EZEKIEL TAYLOR MERRICK, b. Abt. 1847; d. June 1904.

Notes for EZEKIEL TAYLOR MERRICK: Article from Princeton, Caldwell Co.,KY Newspaper

June 10, 1904

Two brothers, Ezekiel and Robert Merrick, of near Hopson, engaged in a dufficulty last Sunday afternoon that proved fatal to the former. From reports the difficulty arose over family troubles. Robert Merrick rode up to his brothers home, who was sitting on the front porch. They began talking and after a few words Ezekiel went out to the gate or fence. Shortly after doing so Robert became enraged and got down from his horse and began beating and kicking his brother about the face and body, He bit one thumb off and after knocking him down and kicked him several times causing internal injuries from which he died Wednesday at noon. He was buried on the Merrick farm.

Robert Merrick who is charged with voluntary manslaughter, was brought here Tuesday afternoon and placed under a $2,000 bond,for his appearance at the October term of court. Urey Kevil, of this city, went on his bond and he returned to his home near Hopson, just over the Caldwell Co. line in Trigg Co.Deputy Sheriff Shoemaker. of Trigg Co., made the arrest and turned him over to Deputies Alex Hopper and Henry Towery, of this Co., who had gone out after him.

6. vii. ROBERT PORTERFIELD MERRICK, b. 17 November 1850; d. 09 February 1940, Caldwell Co., KY-Oliver Cemetery-Trigg Co., KY. viii. WILLIAM M MERRICK, b. 23 December 1852.

4. SARA2 VIED (HARMON C1) was born 06 May 1810, and died 12 August 1890 in Caldwell Co., KY. She married JACOB HOLT.


Generation No. 3

5. LOUISIA ANN3 PORTERFIELD? (DIANNA2 VIED, HARMON C1) was born 10 September 1833 in Tennessee, and died 16 August 1891 in Lancaster, Dallas Co., Texas-Edgewood Cem.. She married GEORGE WASHINGTON PATRICK 19 March 1856 in Caldwell Co., KY, son of JOHN PATRICK.

Notes for GEORGE WASHINGTON PATRICK: CENSUS RECORDS-1860, 1870,1880-for George W. Patrick

1860-Trigg County, Kentucky

449 449 Geo Patrick 21 M Farmer Tennessee S A Patrick 23 F Tennessee T.S Patrick 3 M Kentucky Diana Patrick 1 F Kentucky

1870-Trigg County, Kentucky

George Patrick 39 Tennessee Lucy A 37 Tennessee Deanna R 11 Kentucky Sarah A 9 Kentucky George H 7 KY Mollie F 3 KY Alford I. 4 months KY

1880-Union County, KY

Patrick, George W M 42 Farmer TN Lucy A. W F 47 Wife TN Deannes W F 20 Dau. KY George H. W M 16 Son KY Molly F. W F 13 Dau KY Alford W M 10 Son KY L.N. W M 8 Son KY Samuel W M 6 Son KY

Children of LOUISIA PORTERFIELD? and GEORGE PATRICK are: i. THOS.S4 PATRICK, b. 06 February 1857.

More About THOS.S PATRICK: Fact 1: 1860, Trigg Co., KY Census

7. ii. DIANNA PATRICK, b. 10 June 1859, KY; d. 15 December 1944, Dallas Co., TX buried Edgewood Cem-Lancaster, Tx. iii. SARAH A PATRICK, b. 27 October 1861, Ky; d. 1898, drown in Galveston, TX flood; m. ? O'LEARY.

More About SARAH A PATRICK: Fact 1: 1898, drown in Galveston, TX flood Fact 2: married Mr O'Leary

8. iv. GEORGE HENRY PATRICK, b. 06 December 1863, Wallonia, Trigg Co., KY; d. 15 February 1931, Murphysboro, Jackson Co., ILTower Grove Cem. 9. v. MOLLIE FOSTER PATRICK, b. 19 January 1867, KY; d. 08 December 1934, San Francisco, CA-buried Edgewood Cem.Lancaster, TX. vi. ALFORD ISAIH PATRICK, b. 22 February 1870, KY; d. 17 November 1896, TX-buried Edgewood Cem-Lancaster, TX; m. LUCY SCOTT.

More About ALFORD ISAIH PATRICK: Fact 1: born KY Fact 2: married Lucy Scott Fact 3: 17 November 1896, died Hutchins, TX Fact 4: buried Lancaster, TX, Edgewood Cem

vii. LESLIE N PATRICK, b. 10 March 1872, KY; d. 13 June 1901, Dallas, TX Policeman killed in line of dutyEdgewood Cem; m. UNMARRIED. viii. SAMUEL PATRICK, b. 02 March 1874, KY; d. 22 July 1890, TX Buried in Edgewood Cem-Lancaster, TX.

6. ROBERT PORTERFIELD3 MERRICK (DIANNA2 VIED, HARMON C1) was born 17 November 1850, and died 09 February 1940 in Caldwell Co., KY-Oliver Cemetery-Trigg Co., KY. He married CORDELIA OLIVER.

Children of ROBERT MERRICK and CORDELIA OLIVER are: i. FLORENCE4 MERRICK, b. 29 June 1873; d. 29 June 1873. ii. ROBERT F MERRICK, b. 02 August 1878; d. 24 November 1900.

Generation No. 4

7. DIANNA4 PATRICK (LOUISIA ANN3 PORTERFIELD?, DIANNA2 VIED, HARMON C1) was born 10 June 1859 in KY, and died 15 December 1944 in Dallas Co., TX buried Edgewood Cem-Lancaster, Tx. She married JOHN H PARSONS.

More About DIANNA PATRICK: Fact 1: married John H Parsons Fact 2: 13 December 1944, died Dallas, Dallas Co., TX Fact 3: 15 December 1944, buried Lancaster, TX, Edgewood Cem


8. GEORGE HENRY4 PATRICK (LOUISIA ANN3 PORTERFIELD?, DIANNA2 VIED, HARMON C1) was born 06 December 1863 in Wallonia, Trigg Co., KY, and died 15 February 1931 in Murphysboro, Jackson Co., ILTower Grove Cem. He married HARRIET DRUCILLA BOWLIN 05 January 1887 in Dallas, Dallas Co., TX, daughter of JOHN BOWLIN and MARY ADKINS.

More About GEORGE HENRY PATRICK: Fact 1: 06 December 1863, born Wallonia, Trigg Co., KY Fact 2: 05 January 1887, married Harriot Drucilla Bowlin Dallas., TX Fact 3: 15 February 1931, died Murphysboro, Jackson Co., IL Fact 4: 18 February 1931, buried Tower Cemetery

Children of GEORGE PATRICK and HARRIET BOWLIN are: i. ALICE MAUDE5 PATRICK, b. 22 January 1888, Lancaster, Dallas Co., Texas; d. 12 October 1930, Murphysboro, Jackson Co., IL; m. KENNETH HOWARD WEST, 1906, Murphysboro, Jackson Co., IL.

More About ALICE MAUDE PATRICK: Fact 1: born in Lancaster, Dallas Co., TX Fact 2: 12 October 1930, Murphysboro, Jackon Co., IL Fact 3: 1906, married Kennith Howard West Fact 4: married Albert Foehr

Notes for KENNETH HOWARD WEST: Jackson County Death Records, Book 2, Page 29 Kenneth Howard West Age 24 Born: IL IL Resident 24 yrs Railroad Brakeman Died: 27th June 1908 Buried: City Cem June 28 Body and legs crushed in an M&O Railroad Accident

Kenneth West, son of Mr and Mrs William West, of Murphysboro, IL., and grandson of Mrs J B Richart, of this city, was killed last Saturday. He was a brakeman on the M&O railroad, and while in the performance of his duty a wreck occurred near Pomona and he was caught under the debris. His death was instantaneous. Mr West was 21 years of age He leaves a wife and a young babe.The funeral occurred Sunday.---from an article in Carbondale, IL., newspaper--

ii. JENNIE LUCILLE PATRICK, b. 13 July 1889, Dallas Co., TX; d. 14 March 1972, Murphysboro, Jackson Co., IL; m. WARREN R CREWS, 30 May 1923, Springfield, IL.

More About JENNIE LUCILLE PATRICK: Fact 1: 30 May 1923, married Warren Crews Fact 2: 14 March 1972, died Murphysboro, Jackson Co., IL Fact 3: buried Pleasant Grove Cem , IL

iii. INFANT PATRICK, b. 16 September 1891.

More About INFANT PATRICK: Fact 1: 16 September 1891, died still born

iv. INFANT PATRICK, b. 17 July 1892.

More About INFANT PATRICK: Fact 1: 17 July 1892, died still born

v. LESLIE ESTELLE PATRICK, b. 09 July 1894; d. 03 March 1962, Elkville, IL; m. HARRY BURNS.

More About LESLIE ESTELLE PATRICK: Fact 1: married Harry Burns

vi. INFANT PATRICK, b. 26 May 1896.

More About INFANT PATRICK: Fact 1: born still born

vii. INFANT PATRICK, b. 13 November 1897.

More About INFANT PATRICK: Fact 1: 13 November 1897, still born

viii. MYRTLE AVELETTE PATRICK, b. 06 December 1900, Dallas Co., TX; d. 01 July 1989, Borger, Hutchinson Co., TX; m. RALPH EDWARD NORMAN, 29 June 1921, Murphysboro, Jackson Co., IL.

More About MYRTLE AVELETTE PATRICK: Fact 1: 29 June 1921, married Ralph Edward Norman Fact 2: 01 July 1989, died Borger, Hutchinson Co., TX Fact 3: 06 December 1900, born in Dallas, TX

ix. CLARICE EVELYN PATRICK, b. 21 September 1903; d. 03 March 1991, Fayette, AL; m. CURTIS MCLARTY HOLDER, 26 May 1934, Murphysboro, Jackson Co., IL.

More About CLARICE EVELYN PATRICK: Fact 1: 21 September 1903, born in Lancaster, Dallas Co., TX Fact 2: 26 May 1934, Married Curtis McLarty Holder Fact 3: 03 March 1991, died Fayette, AL

9. MOLLIE FOSTER4 PATRICK (LOUISIA ANN3 PORTERFIELD?, DIANNA2 VIED, HARMON C1) was born 19 January 1867 in KY, and died 08 December 1934 in San Francisco, CA-buried Edgewood Cem.Lancaster, TX. She married (1) JOHN MCCULLARS. She married (2) GEORGE L HOLLOWAY 07 May 1884 in Dennison, Grayson Co., TX. She married (3) ROBERT FREDEICK LONG 03 November 1901 in Dallas Co., TX.

More About MOLLIE FOSTER PATRICK: Fact 1: 08 December 1934, died in SanFrancisco, CA Fact 2: 1884, married George L Holloway Fact 3: 1901, married Robert F Long Fact 4: 1915, married John McCullars Fact 5: 1934, buried Edgewood Cem., Lancaster, TX

Children of MOLLIE PATRICK and GEORGE HOLLOWAY are: i. SAM5 HOLLOWAY, b. 23 November 1888, Lancaster, Dallas Co., Texas; d. 11 May 1960, Deport, Lamar Co., TX-buried in Evergreen Cem-Paris, TX; m. (1) IDA HOOD; m. (2) LUCILLE STEVENS,MRS; m. (3) CORA. ii. WILLIAM FINIS HOLLOWAY, b. 21 April 1890; d. 22 December 1938, Laurel, Jones Co., Ms- Lake Park Cemetery-Laurel, MS; m. (1) CHLOE; m. (2) FANNIE BUSH, MRS. iii. ALTA RUBY HOLLOWAY, b. 23 August 1894; d. 05 January 1985, California-cremated. iv. ALMA PEARL HOLLOWAY, b. 20 June 1896; d. 18 September 1969, California-cremated.

Child of MOLLIE PATRICK and ROBERT LONG is: v. GEORGIA5 LONG, b. 01 March 1904, Dallas , Dallas Co., TX; d. 19 March 1986, East Point, Fulton Co., GA; m. GEORGE MILTON GRIFFITH, 06 August 1922, Dallas , Dallas Co., TX.